Business Intelligence

We provide Business Intelligence services since we realize how important the proper use of business data is to help management make better business decisions. Would you like to get rid of excel spreadsheets for your reporting? Now you can! The future of reporting is here! Let's have a look at our interactive visualizations below!

Below you can find our interactive Report published solely for the purpose of demonstrating Business Intelligence functionality.


Please note that all the tables, charts, and visualizations are interactive, meaning you can click on the particular Product Name, Category, Time period, or any other filter of your interest and the outcome will be adjusted accordingly. By clicking on the same filter once again the visualizations will revert to the previous position.

The Report has 4 pages in total (use the little arrows on the bottom ribbon for moving through the Report):

1. Disclaimer

2. Executive summary

3. Product detail page

4. Customer detail page

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